Company Profile

R 2/2
QUANTIFOIL® with 2 µm hole size and 2 µm period

Quantifoil Micro Tools manufactures and markets its proprietary QUANTIFOIL® support foils for electron microscopy. Our Holey Carbon Films were the first perforated support foils with pre-defined hole size, shape and arrangement. By successively expanding our product range we can provide 25 different geometries of our QUANTIFOIL® support foils on various types of TEM grids. Customers from 30 countries also value our willingness to respond to special requirements and benefit from our experience in micro structuring.

To ensure the quality of our QUANTIFOIL® support foils and other carbon coated grids our technical staff is skilled and experienced at checking every support foil using our optical microscopes and several of every batch produced using our electron microscopes.
We supply directly to end users at Universities and Research Institutes worldwide, as well as through an established network of distributors.

Quantifoil Micro Tools was founded in 1999 in Jena and is a owner-led business focused on continuous improvement and sustainability. Since then Quantifoil has grown continuously and employs more than ten highly qualified employees today.


In 2012 we moved into our new facility in Großlöbichau near Jena to accomodate the growing business and to ensure the coming technical requirements.