Special Support Foil and Extra Treatment

QUANTIFOIL® Holey *your_choice* Films

You want to take advantage of our QUANTIFOIL® geometries, but carbon is not to your liking? We also offer them in plastic and materials that can be deposited by vacuum evaporation. If you have a material in mind please contact us.

QUANTIFOIL® Holey SiO2 Films

The currently favored and already established material other than carbon is SiO2.

QUANTIFOIL® with an ultrathin continuous layer of carbon on top

We offer our QUANTIFOIL® Holey Carbon Films with an ultrathin layer of carbon on top. The commonly chosen thickness is 2 nm. If you require a more stable layer of carbon you might prefer 5 nm or even 10 nm thickness.

QUANTIFOIL® specially treated

A special treatment of our QUANTIFOIL® Holey Carbon Films makes them more resilient. They have been successfully used, e.g. for high dose tomography work.