UltrAuFoil® Holey Gold Films

These newly developed ultrastable gold supports for electron cryomicroscopy will reduce the movement of frozen specimens during imaging. This improves image contrast and quality leading to better 3D reconstructions with less data.


During imaging at cryo-temperatures, traditional carbon supports move, particularly at the beginning of irradiation. This movement blurs images and makes it difficult to determine the structures of small and challenging molecules.

Using UltrAuFoils®, designed at MRC's Laboratory of Molecular Biology by Dr Christopher J Russo and Dr Lori A Passmore and produced by Quantifoil Micro Tools, specimen motion can be reduced significantly. (For details see: Ultrastable gold substrates for electron cryomicroscopy, Science, 2014, Vol. 346 no. 6215 pp. 1377-1380).

Characteristics of UltrAuFoil®

Thickness of gold foil

about 500 Å

Structure of gold foil

regular square array of micrometer-sized circular holes
available geometries: R 0.6/1, R 1.2/1.3, R 2/2
other types on request

TEM grid

Gold 300 mesh (R 0.6/1 or R 1.2/1.3 geometry)
Gold 200 mesh (R 2/2 geometry)
other grids on request

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